ROV Inspection Services

Allowing clients to see what we see underwater

Swimming Pool ROV Inspections

Our Swimming Pool ROV Inspections is a valuable service for our clients. There are a number of situations where our customers contact us about a problem underwater with the pool at their swimming pool facility. The only way to assess the extent of the problem is through a visual inspection of the failure point. Ordinarily the only way to do this would be by having a three-man team if direct access to the surface is possible or a five-man team were no direct line of sight to the surface is possible during the dive.

Swimming Pool ROV Inspections | Euro Pools Service Limited

The Benefits of ROV Inspections

A Swimming Pool ROV Inspection allows a single swimming pool engineer to assess the extent of the scope of works of your problem or fault. Our engineer can attend site, pilot the ROV and provide a video and photographic assessment of a problem. The underwater ROV inspection is the fastest way to get an overview of the situation.

A Swimming Pool ROV Inspection also reduces disruption to your pool facility timetable. Our engineer can provide you with an initial analysis of the problem swiftly without the need for a 3 or 5 man diving team. The ROV can access your main pool, your diving pool, underneath a moveable floor or within a boom and allow the engineer to identifify the scope of works to resolve the problem. Furthermore, reducing the impact on your timetable and the use of a single engineers saves you money.

ROV Video & Still Image Reporting

The Swimming Pool ROV Inspections allows both the engineer and the client to view the problem through a live HD video feed. We are able to give remote access via Bluetooth to the client through their smart phone or tablet while on site. This function of our ROV system allows the client to record any information or view of a problem by video and photo at any point of the dive.

This system has proved invaluable to our clients by ensuring they fully understand the problem that they are experiencing at their swimming pool.

Leisure Facility Service Contracts

Continued preventative maintenance of swimming pool systems requires specialist knowledge. Our team of highly trained engineers have extensive operational experience in all areas within the leisure industry.
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