Underwater Tiling & Grouting

Specialist underwater tile removal and replacement services.

Underwater Tiling and Grouting Services

Europool Service has a team of underwater tiling and grouting services experts and is available to help you if there’s damage to your swimming pool. Avoiding a swimming pool drain down to replace tiles is a far more cost-effective solution. Drain downs are costly, time-consuming, and risky for the structure of your facility’s pool. It could cause anything from cracked or broken tiles with depleted grout or even damaged walls surrounding them which pose risk toward bathers using our facilities’ pools. Europool Service offers underwater tiling and grouting services to allow for replacements, repairs, and grouting without having to drain water from your pool.

Swimming Pool Tiling Services

Europools Service provides an array of services to make your pool look new again. We can redo the tiles on your swimming pool, spa or wavepool if they are broken or worn out as well as tiling dry-laid pools and decks with a variety of patterns using various types of tile including mosaic and nose tiles for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Swimming Pool Grouting Services

Our underwater tiling and grouting services include speciliast grout that can be used underwater to repair critical failures when your grout is depleted or failing. The grout is the material that surrounds and fills tiles, which are typically found in pools or on floors. The grouting services offered comes in a variety of forms:

  • Complete pool regrout
  • Localised regrout
  • Floor and Wall grouting;
  • Cut out of existing grout and replace
  • Skim re-grout

There are times when only some surface area needs to be redone instead of the entire pool. 

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