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Health Suite Services

Saunas, Steam Rooms and Spa Services are an essential part of your maintenance program at your leisure facility. With the growing popularity of these facilities more and more clients are choosing to use these services when they visit your facility. They offer your clients the opportunity to relax and unwind after a swim, workout, or a long day working. Ensuring your facilities stay in top-notch service is where we come in.

Sauna Services

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Steam Room Services

Our specialist sauna technicians are best place to identify any areas that pose a risk and to resolve technical issues during the service. Our Steam Room Service technicians require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Due to long periods of running the steam vessels are susceptible to scaling up badly and if not checked and installed correctly are prone to overheating. A Spa Pool is very similar to a swimming pool in its operation, just on a smaller scale. One major difference is that the higher temperatures and higher bather load to the volume of water mean the leisure facility must be more diligent with its operation and cleaning regime.