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Why Strainers Matter for Pool Recirculation

Pool recirculation systems are an essential part of any commercial pool installation. They remove debris and impurities from the water, keeping it moving freely so that you can enjoy a clean swim for years to come! When selecting equipment crucial for maintaining your system – such as filters or pumps- make sure they’re chosen wisely based on what will best suit both needs.

The most overlooked part of a pool’s recirculation system is its basket strainer. This small but important component protects the pump, which in turn keeps everything running smoothly for your swim spa to operate at peak efficiency. When the water is sucked into this pump, it passes through a strainer and removes any debris that made its way into our system. Sometimes we find small plastic toys or pieces of swim gear among all those hairs!

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What Sort of Strainer Should You Get?

You may be wondering what type of basket strainer is best for your commercial pool. There are two primary options: metal or non-metal! One way to think about it would be between steel vs PVC pipe when plumbing and electrical conduit was being debated in trades shows; while they both have their benefits (e..g., temperature extremes), one will typically out perform the other depending on certain factors such as cost effectiveness/easiness installation etcetera – but ultimately you’ll reach similar conclusions no matter which path takes more time than another so don’t sweat getting caught up with all those debating points before making any decisions.

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Continued preventative maintenance of swimming pool systems requires specialist knowledge. Our team of highly trained engineers have extensive operational experience in all areas within the leisure industry.
We offer a wide range of swimming pool repairs, refurbishments, servicing and maintenance. This includes moveable floor decking and boom sheeting replacement, swimming pool ladders, disability access and a comprehensive range of other both plant room and pool side services.
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