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Moveable Swimming Pool Floors, Booms & Steps

Swimming Pool Moveable Floor Servicing

Swimming Pool Moveable Floor Servicing, Boom services and maintenance are important to avoid downtime that will be costly for facilities. A moveable floor allows you to change the geometry of your pool, it works in several ways by changing either the depth and/or width of the swimming pool. Correctly maintaining the moveable floor and movable boom system ensures uninterrupted swimming time at your facility.

This type of moveable swimming pool floor system is perfect for many different types of people, including those who are disabled or have small children when raised to shallow depths. It can also allow the depth of diving pools to be increased to allow teaching of scuba-diving lessons and high board diving in sessions.

Swimming Pool Moveable Floors

What is involved in movable floor servicing?

Swimming pool moveable floor servicing includes checking all parts of the floor system, equipment checks include floor positional rollers, pulley condition and operation. The mechanics should be checked making sure they are still tight in order to ensure that the movable pool operates correctly. The moveable floor system and components must also be free from debris so as not to interfere with its movement and function.

Regular cleaning of your pool removes the large build-up of dirt and debris that collects between services. This is a build-up of dead skin, biofilm, hair bands, coins, fluff from swimsuits/towels; dirt and potentially sand if there’s an issue with other areas of the swimming pool filtration system. You could find broken parts like goggles or floats along with small toys under the floor.

The Moveable Floor Services inspect and confirm that every single moving part of the movable floor is checked for its function and structural integrity. This includes the structural framework, hdpe panels and fixings, the pull down points and terminations (see below), the stainless steel wire ropes and the pulleys and pulley plates.

The termination points of a moveable swimming pool floor, where the pulldown rope attaches to the framework pull down point are inspected. Where mechanically spliced thimble eyes and u-bolts, that involve crimping the multiple parts together to achieve an eyelet with a thimble to use as a termination point, are used this is inspected to ensure security of termination.

Swimming Pool Moveable Booms

A moveable boom is a device that allows for the separation of one pool into two separate pools. The different sections can be used by many types of users, and this process works in multiple ways – they float to the surface from hidden trenches or underwater permanently with locking mechanisms on either side, depending on how it’s pulled down through cable systems.

The John Charles Centre for Sports in Leeds has a 50-meter pool with two retractable booms. The boom can be used to create three sections of the usable area within the swimming pool: one section at each side and another shorter middle section which is perfect if you need a smaller pool area but still maintaining swimming width ways rather than length ways as is required for an adult swim time or swimming team training.

Swimming pool facilities which have the option to break an Olympic size swimming pool into three separate pools with this feature have more flexibility and can increase the variety of sessions conducted simultaneously. There are two main types of these boom designs that help create either a variety of combinations depending on what type of space is desired by the client, which makes them very versatile in their purpose for use within different facilities.The Boom service itself, ensures that all the moving and functional parts of the moveable floor are working seamlessly for smoother operation when needed.

Leisure Facility Service Contracts

Continued preventative maintenance of swimming pool systems requires specialist knowledge. Our team of highly trained engineers have extensive operational experience in all areas within the leisure industry.
We offer a wide range of swimming pool repairs, refurbishments, servicing and maintenance. This includes moveable floor decking and boom sheeting replacement, swimming pool ladders, disability access and a comprehensive range of other both plant room and pool side services.
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