Flow Meters

Plant Room Flow Meter Refurb & Install

Swimming Pool Flow Meters

Without a swimming pool flow meter, plant operators are left in the dark when it comes to measuring pool circulation rates. They also can’t effectively test their water treatment system or identify any potential issues with these meters if they exist at all. Installing a flow meter will ensure that you know how much water is being used for each individual swimming pool. This helps to reduce unnecessary costs and also keeps the filter from overworking itself with excess waste material, which could lead to clogged pores or an unbalanced chemical balance in your system.

Analogue Flow Meters

The orifice plate is a highly reliable device for measuring flow. The stainless steel surface has been designed to never wear out, ensuring long-lasting performance and accuracy no matter how much abuse it takes in your facility. It’s easy! Just install one of these on each side – they only take about 10 minutes total from start (installing) until finish (connecting). Then connect them using our digital pressure gauges that plug directly into their ports without any additional cables needed at all; just set according to demands. The flow meters are available in different sizes and can be customized for your needs.

Digital Flow Meters

Digital meters are a more modern and efficient way to measure flow rates in pipes. They have increased accuracy over analog models, offer many functions such as data logging or connectivity options with other devices through an electromagnetic output (for example Bluetooth), they require less maintenance since there’s no need for moving parts like on traditional glass capsule-style sensors. Lastly, these flexible installation styles allow you can mount them together if desired while also being able to keep their separate identities by using different mounting solutions depending upon what type of display unit will be used- whether it’s wall-mounted tiles that show your level readings at all times just below ceiling height.

Leisure Facility Service Contracts

Continued preventative maintenance of swimming pool systems requires specialist knowledge. Our team of highly trained engineers have extensive operational experience in all areas within the leisure industry.
We offer a wide range of swimming pool repairs, refurbishments, servicing and maintenance. This includes moveable floor decking and boom sheeting replacement, swimming pool ladders, disability access and a comprehensive range of other both plant room and pool side services.
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