Balance Tank Services

Balance Tank Service, Cleaning & Repairs

Balance Tank Services

Balance tank services and cleaning are essential for any swimming pool which has a level pool deck design. Surface water from the pool and poolside water runs into the transfer channels and into the balance tank. This function of the balance tank means that all biofilm and floating debris from the swimming pool is deposited into the balance tank by this weir over system.

The water in the swimming pool balance tank comes from the poolside or surface water level. This is a major reason for insuring a swimming pool balance tank is regularly cleaned. Removal of micro bacteria buildup that collect on the balance tank ceiling and walls is critical to ensure a hygienic environment. Biofilm buildup is present in all balance thanks after a period of months due to the nature and cleanliness of the bathers. There is generally and increased concentration of biofilm buildup at the operating water level of the balance tank.

The balance tank is also an area to collect debris and potential rubbish that has come from the pool side. The scum channels on the side of the pool also collect external debris which can include things such as leaves depending on the location of the swimming pool this will also get washed down into the balance tank.

This can include sweet wrappers general rubbish cleaning materials cleaning materials parts of mops, parts of broken or damaged floats used during swimming and can evening food small Paul toys from children’s swimming lessons.

Balance Tanks Cleaning & Inspections

How often should a balance tank be cleaned?

Our balance tank service follows the PWTAG guidelines set out for swimming pool facilities they recommend that a swimming pool balance tank should be cleaned as a minimum on an annual basis. If you’re swimming pool facility is being used bye patrons on a daily basis you may choose to increase the frequency of the balance tank clean to ensure the hygiene of the water making its way from the pool long the scum channels to the balance tank through the filtration and back to pool itself.

What is inspected during a balance tank clean?

During the balance tank service and clean a full inspection of the balance tank components is completed. This includes all walls floors and ceilings, all pipework and brackets, any control systems situated within the balance thank itself. The Pipework and brackets within the balance tank have a higher exposure to chlorine, moisture and higher temperatures. Even with stainless steel brackets and fixings, these have a faster rate of oxidisation (rusting).

How are balance tanks cleaned?

A balance tank clean performed by Euro Pools Website service Ltd consists of a dive team conducting a confined space access surface supplied operation. The Service is conducted using surface supplied equipment due to the higher risk of noxious gases being present within the confined space. All of the team are confined space access trained personnel to ensure we as the service provider and you as the client meet and exceed the health and safety at work act and swimming pool industry minimum standards.

During the balance tank service all debris will be removed insuring this material does not travel to the swimming pool filtration system. The balance thanks water level is reduced to an absolute minimum to allow the team to carry out a high power jet wash. This jet wash process removes the micro bacteria and biofilm from all surfaces within the balance tank itself. After completion of initial jet wash the Balance tank is flushed with a low concentration chlorine solution. This low-level concentration of chlorine is carefully balanced to ensure the chlorine levels within the swimming pool are not affected.

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