Chemical Dosing Systems & Installations

Chemical dosing system suppliers and installation specialists

Chemical Dosing Systems & Installations

Chemical dosing systems are an important part of pool water treatments that allow the chemical balance in the water to be maintained through an automated process. Having a system that continually monitors the free chlorine and the PH levels, you will achieve and maintain desired concentration levels for your disinfectant in the water.

Euro Pools Service Ltd has vast knowledge and experience in chemical dosing system installation and designs. If you are looking for a replacement chemical dosing system or installation of your chemical systems our design engineers will help walk through various considerations to provide the best options regarding dosing equipment and ancillaries.

Chemical Dosing Control Systems

Chemical Dosing System Design & Installation

The most efficient way to keep your pool chlorine and pH balanced is through the use of an automatic chemical dosing system. This is the optimum way for a leisure facility to maintain the correct chemical balance in the swimming pool water without needing manual adjustments on a regular basis!

The chemical dosing systems sensors detect when the water needs the addition of more chemicals to maintain balance. This system saves staff time and increases safety by reducing the need to hand dosing and waste of excess chemicals into the water system.

Our swimming pool design engineers will plan and install an appropriate chemical dosing system designed with your exact requirements for your leisure facility. Each facility has unique needs, our design engineers ensure that your facility has the right specification dosing system while ensuring the system is easy to use by your leisure facility staff.

Chemical Dosing Systems We Install

As you might imagine, there are a number of different manufacturers who offer solutions. Each chemical dosing system offers its own unique approach. Our design engineers will carry out a site visit, evaluate your facility and offer a number of solutions that best meet your needs. Euro Pools Service Ltd install a range of chemical dosing systems from the industries leading manufacturers including:

    • Prominent
    • Evoqua
    • Gaffey
    • WDT
    • Grundfos
    • LMI
If you would like to speak with one of our technical engineers, click the get in touch button now and we will arrange a free site visit to help you better understand the scope of your needs.