Swimming Pool Filtration Maintenance

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Swimming Pool Filtration Maintenance

Swimming Pool Filtration Maintenance

What Is Involved In A Filter Service

PWTAG regulations advise that swimming pool filters are opened up and inspected internally once a year to ensure they’re operating correctly. This is important for two primary reasons:

    • To make sure any cryptosporidium which gets into the pool water can be removed by the filter
    • Ensuring your sand filter is in good condition with proper use of flocculant will remove 95% of ocysts from your swimming area.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of the swimming pool filter vessel is checked in at least six places. This process ensures that all structural integrity and thickness requirements are met for safe use, but it’s particular attention to corrosion on the sand surface level where the corrosion tends to move prevelant.

The technician inspects the filters sand bed media. The surface of the sand is inspected for evidence that it may be eroded, indicating whether water has been collected to a depth where under-drains can function properly in their intended capacity as designed by engineers. If there are depressions or channels on top of the dirt at certain levels, these indicate how well filters have performed against particulate matter; more severe damage indicates trouble with bottom collectors (indicating overflow) or filter performance not meeting design expectations–either one will result in dirty pools unless corrected promptly!

Pipework is checked for leaks and corrosion, while the supports are examined for damage.

The internal filter coating is checked at the top of the filter and to 300 mm below it. The extent of any damage to its lining, corrosion, or wear is noted and photographed for easy viewing by those who want a closer look. This part is most susceptible since that’s where all your water comes in contact with it first before moving down through layers of sand media.

In order to maintain our system and provide the best service possible, we need to ensure that valves such as butterfly valves, isolation valves,, air bleeders and non-returns are in good working order.

All Circulation Pumps and seals are assessed to see if there are any leaks. Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds like a pretty important task?

The Filtration Plant Report is produced with photographic evidence and recommendations for the repairs required.

Filter Replacement

Filter Refurbishment

We offer swimming pool filter refurbishment services which include the isolation and draining of the swimming pool filters, remove old media and dispose of it. Inspecting the internal surfaces of steel filters has been made easier by a new process that only requires one layer to be shot-blasted, followed with an application of epoxy. It will take less time and money than traditional methods which required two layers to make sure it was completely covered up.

We will make sure that the filter collection and distribution systems in good working order, if needed this can be replaced. We will refill the filters with new filtration media, refit the filter covers, backwash the system and re-commission them

Pool filters can become corroded or unable to meet modern standards. If this happens, you have three options: steel epoxy lined replacement filters, GRP replacements manufactured with the highest quality assurance in mind and ceramic microfiltration systems that provide crystal clear water while protecting your pool from a variety of pollutants.

Filter Cartridges

Pool owners typically deal with one of two scenarios when they need new filter cartridges for their pools; corrosion has made them unusable or the current cartridge is not up to standard anymore due to advances in technology and regulations imposed on all swimming facilities by local authorities across the country. We offer competitive prices for high-quality products including our line of stainless steel epsom salt coated filtration media which reduces chlorine consumption as well as captures partic

HSE Compliant For You

We follow the Health & Safety Regulations pertaining to Access Manways. This legislation outlines confined space access regulations.

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